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By | September 25, 2018

A student undergoes many turning points in their academic life and the most prominent ones are class 10 and class 12 exams. These exams showcase years of the culmination of knowledge and are probably the very first credential a student will achieve. Therefore, it is important that exams are taken seriously and utmost care and preparation are given for achieving good results. CBSE Syllabus is very vast and covers a plethora of subjects. Hence, students will have to invest time and resources in order for their goals to come to fruition. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you crack your exams with ease.

study tips board exam

Making Notes

Preached by nearly everyone, making notes during a class or lecture is one of the most effective ways of retaining information. This is because there is coordination between the hand and the brain, and this results in an increased attention span. Furthermore, making notes in class will help reinforce previous concepts or topics. What this means is, recalling information during exams will become much easier.

Chunking Information

When a concept or a topic is quite large, it helps to break up information into digestible chunks. This reduces cognitive load and will help the student to reduce mental strain and retain focus. Long numbers, a sequence of letters, or combination of both can be easily memorized when it’s broken down into smaller chunks. Similarly, information can be effectively retained and recalled when it is broken down into chunks of information. Flash cards are a very useful tool for this technique.

White Noise

Studying requires a very calm and peaceful environment. It should be devoid of any sound or other external distractions. Unfortunately, not all distractions can be eliminated. Using white noise is one of the best options to combat this problem. When used with a headphone, it blocks out almost all external noises, in turn, providing near-total sound isolation from the world. Alternatively, white noise can be substituted with other calm, constant tone like the sound of rain.

Meditation and Sleep

Meditation is one of the most underrated techniques and it is often preached incessantly. But meditation does really help students to focus and develop their ability to concentrate more effectively. Furthermore, the mind does not get distracted easily and students will be able to make decisions more aptly. Sleep, on the other hand, is the most important aspect when preparing for an exam. Sleep reinforces what students learned earlier in the day and they will be able to recall the same in the exam more easily. Students that do not get adequate sleep the night before the exam might have a harder time recalling concepts and topics. Therefore, it is advisable to practice meditation at least for 15 mins and get adequate sleep the night before an important exam.

In conclusion, these tips are guaranteed to make you study efficiently and get more marks. Alternatively, check out the CBSE Sample Papers on MY CBSE STUDY’s website to analyze your current stance on various subjects.

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