The Top 5 GMAT FAQs

By | January 23, 2017

Top five FAQs you ask yourself before taking the GMAT exam.

The moment you took decision to boost your career with an international MBA degree, the first thing which hits you is GMAT and lingering with several other wonderings.

Byju’s Classes counselor came forward out of numerous questions to assist you with relevant answers to the top five most uttered questions by the GMAT aspirants. In case you want to clear doubts related to GMAT, log in into free Byju’s Classes counselor for free counseling.

Q1. How can I increase my score from 650 to 700 ?

GMAT score is an important element for admission in MBA program. And this should be noted in mind that GMAT score is an integral part of admission process.

Most of the experts will advise it is essential to score near around 700+ to get admission in the top b-schools.

We’re suggesting few tips that might help you in increasing your scores:

1.    Pace up with timings: Timing is major in GMAT exam. Since it is a computer-adaptive test, every segment consists limited time, and you have to complete the section with correct answers. Try to solve problems with shortcut technique and tricks. And manage your time wisely.
2.    Practice: The more you practice, the more you feel comfortable in encountering the high-order thinking questions. This will increase your efficiency in solving. Along with it make you familiar with different types of questions. Take the mock test; they are your best friend for GMAT preparation. They will make you feel the real exam scenario and directly help you in increasing your score.
3.    Calmness: Any test increases the anxiety level in one self, try to control your nerve. Be calm and do meditation on a regular basis. It will amplify your concentrations and help in retaining the things for long.

Q2. What is the right to start preparation for GMAT test?

The GMAT admission process is held in two rounds: Round 1 August – September and Round 2 December-January. Our experts recommend to follow the Round 1 admission cycle and to meet this criterion start prepping GMAT 1 April-May. For thorough preparation 3-4, months are required.

Q3.  What is the average GMAT score for top B-schools?

“Is my GMAT score good enough?” is the question which mostly the aspirants wonder. In 2014, the combined average mean was 547.35. Keep this in mind; the different colleges follow distinct score criterion. To into elite colleges like HBS, Stanford, Penn (Wharton) require 730+ scores.  Colleges like Northwestern (Kellogg), Yale SOM, New York (Stern) ask for GMAT score more than 720. And Tier-three colleges like Penn State (Smeal), Purdue (Krannert), Temple (Fox), Pittsburgh (Katz) accepts 630 GMAT score.

Q4.  Can I cancel my GMAT score?

In case you’re not satisfied with your GMAT score, or you think your score won’t meet the admission criteria of your desired college; you can immediately cancel your score after taking the GMAT test.

From July 2015, canceled GMAT score do not mention in a candidate’s report card. This has given new confidence to the aspirants, as it does not reflect the scores negativity on their profile.

Q5. How Hard Is The GMAT?

The question of how hard the GMAT is as elusive as ever.

The GMAT was created to be difficult for everyone who wants to join to B- School. Remember, the GMAT is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT), and questions will get more difficult as each section progresses.

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