Best Career Options after Graduation

By | January 9, 2017


Life after graduation, how do you think it sounds? Exciting or you just going to miss that colorful world yours at college? I guess. It’s a mixed feeling as you are entering a new vital phase of your life. Yes, the career path that one as chosen. I am pretty sure that some may end up in a dilemma as to purse the profession that they have graduated or to choose something apart from graduation depending upon their interpersonal skills. There are various pathways regarding careers that one would opt for after graduation.



Some of the management courses include BMS, BBA, and MBA. Management Professionals are those who are working in administrative sectors or a relevant Managerial. One’s earnings depend upon the stream of specialization sometimes even the institution that one has graduated. At present streams like Finance, Taxation, Health Care Management, International Business, Media Management and HR management are advantageous and profitable today.

Travel and Tourism

It is one of the most beautiful career options to choose after graduation. If you are keen interested in exploring the world and if you are a person who is easy with traveling then it is surely a field that one should not miss. Here you have options to work independently as a tourist guide, or you can find jobs in hotels, travel companies, tour agencies and even airlines.



Teachers are responsible for creating Building Block of Nation. There is a massive development in the education sector. The newly opened and developing colleges offering professional courses are in huge requirement of lectures. There is a huge pay for lectures working in both private and government sectors. One could conduct coaching classes if one bounded with venture capital skills.

Hotel Management

One can grab an excellent opportunity to work with well-famed brands in the field. You can find relevant jobs in shipping, restaurants, railway, club, food technology startups, corporate organization and more. One shall go through campus recruitment with the completion of post-graduation in hotel management and can get a chance to be hired to good venture.

Ethical Hacking


To enter into this field, one must have a sound knowledge of coding in various programming languages. Due to various security purposes, many companies are hunting for ethical hackers. An experienced person may even get a pay off ten lakhs to twelve lakhs per annum. Several courses are offered in ethical hacking. One of the important factors is that the person opting for this career should not contain any criminal background.

Journalism and Mass Communication

Digital media is booming in India. There are a lot of opportunities in the field of Mass Communication and Journalism. One can join a media company and become a reporter, correspondent, radio jockey, anchor, editor, anchor and columnist.

Government Jobs


Government Job is a well-secured job unlike that of private jobs. Several government jobs include Civil Administration, Police Service, Defense, and Banks. Candidates have to prepare for several exams conducted by respective departments. For example SSC, IES, NDA, and many other vital departments.

To get into Public Sector jobs, one requires huge preparation to crack these entrance exams. Well, there is a lot of dilemmas regarding as to which books to refer. What is common is that the trust that is placed upon NCERT Books. Studying with these books is a perfect kick-start.

It covers almost all the topics that are required to crack the exam. Features of NCERT Books is that concepts are explained in depth with simple language. They are concise. Renowned authors write them. NCERT app comprises of all study materials. It includes various textbooks up to class 12. It is used as a reference for different topics during preparation.

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